Meet the Doctors

In a city dominated by huge, impersonal health systems, we are solo family docs striving to bring the “care” back to healthcare.

Dr. Kirsten Lin, Dr. Lela Dougherty

What is going on with healthcare today?  It's become highly politicized.  Along with that, the bureaucratic burden has made it such that doctors are seeing 30 patients a day, spending 2/3 of their time clicking boxes on their computers (based on real data), and we've lost the essence of medicine: a strong doctor-patient relationship.


 Our small family practice follows a revolutionary (but at the same time refreshingly old-fashioned) model called 

Direct Primary Care (DPC).   


Physician Bios

Dr. Lin

Dr. Kirsten Lin was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and currently lives in the North Hills with her family.   She graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and a minor in Human Development and Family Studies.  She went on to receive her M.D. from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and then completed her internship and residency in Family Medicine at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital.

Dr. Lin practiced medicine in Western PA for 12 years as an employee of large health systems, where she did not feel able to provide the best possible care for her patients.

In October 2017, Dr. Lin opened Family Matters Direct Primary Care in Hampton Township, where she provides affordable, personalized healthcare without all the red tape.

Dr. Lin is a regional lecturer and has been featured on the radio, educating healthcare workers as well as the general public about Direct Primary Care.

Dr. Dougherty

Dr. Lela Dougherty grew up  in Massachusetts while her father was in the Navy and later moved West Virginia.  She studied biology at Fairmont State College and then received her MD at Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

She moved to Pittsburgh to complete her training at UPMC St. Margaret Hospital and went on to practice medicine at a large health system in Pittsburgh for 9 years.  Increasingly frustrated with the lack of transparency and  time with patients, she left to open a DPC.

Dr. Dougherty lives in Hampton with her husband, Joe, and two young sons.

In September of 2018 Dr. Dougherty started studying Lifestyle Medicine which emphasizes intensive lifestyle change over medications for certain diseases.  She supports the benefits of a  whole food, plant based diet and regular physical activity.  

You can visit her Lifestyle Medicine site and blog here.

About Direct Primary Care

Healthcare, Simplified


  • DPC is a model of healthcare delivery where patients contract directly with their physicians for medical services, removing the "middlemen" that increase red tape and drive up costs. 

  • Patients pay a monthly fee, similar to a gym membership.

  • DPC physicians see EVERYONE, regardless of insurance status or type.  We simply do not bill the insurance company for our services.

No Hidden Costs


  • Upfront pricing                                            


  • Deeply discounted medications and diagnostic testing.  Prices are often so affordable that it is more cost effective to pay out of pocket than to use your insurance!

  • Example: Bottle of eyedrops $250 at retail pharmacy with "Gold plan" coverage.  Same drops $24 through Family Matters DPC.

Heartfelt Care


  • We believe in taking the time to get to know each patient thoroughly.

  • By limiting the number of patients in our practice, we can provide more personalized care.

  • Our doctors are easily accessible via office visits or e-visits.  Patients are given their cellphone numbers for calls and text messaging.

Click on the video to learn more

Direct Primary Care, explained